Irish Arms. Home of my good friends Boyd and Lynne. If it's anything Historicaly Celtic that you want, from a Dublin Viking sword to a Battle of the Boyne pair of boots then get in touch with Boyd and Lynne , they know more about their History than a barrel full of Terry Wogans and they are pretty nice folks too! poAhhhhh... The best kept secret in Rock and Roll. The Doors meet Iggy Pop... The original Aussie punk rockers. Still loud and proud. Check out this site for all you need to know about Radio Birdman. Paddington Town hall, Sydney 1977... I was there, blew me away, still blows me away. Buy their cd, buy all their CD's

Want a medieval archers pick, a dirk or a ballock dagger to go with your archery kit?

Visit my old friend Rod and buy a hand crafted knife that will be as individual as the man himself. Rod is so well known for his work that I won't blab on ... just visit this site.

My son's punkabilly band... nuff said ?

That's another Ferrari he owes me!

Home of Dan Shadrake and his bunch of Arthurian mis-fits... Dan and his friends were my Roman archers on Gladiator. They are the guys close to camera who could shoot. They put up with the mud... and the mud... and the mud... and er... the mud... Dan and his wife Susanna have written several rather good books, get in touch and buy them... NOW!

This is not a real link (but you can click on the thumbnail to see the full size image) but I wanted to place this image here. It is a picture of my late father Bernard 'Curley' Ralphs. He served in the Royal Navy for 32 years and saw service in WW2, Korea and many other conflicts that we have all forgotten about. He was a diver, a gunner and ended up as a CPO at HMS Devonport. Here he is, as always, having a smoke. The location is Nagasaki, the sign reads: 'A BOMB EXPLODED AT...?' The date is either late 40's or early 50's. When I was about six or seven he showed me how to build my first bow from a yew branch. I must say that we never got on very well at all but I still miss him. He would have never owned a computer or even dreamed that his image would be here. He thought that the 1969 Moon shot was the greatest thing he had ever witnessed. He took the whole day off wok to watch the landing on television.

To him it was sci fi, to me it was just life. POP

Home of Raleigh Wilson and his team of incredible stuntmen. Raleigh is, I believe, the last of the original Marlboro Cowboys. A top guy and a true friend. Hey, Raleigh gave me one of his hats... and I didn't even have to kiss him! Oh those stunt guys ! Check out the great picture of Mike Stokey ! Mike was Military co-ordinator and advisor for GREENDAY on their September rain Video... How cool is that? God I hate him...


Home of probaly the best guitars in the known Universe. Nothing plays like a Les Paul and nothing sounds like a Les Paul... Turn it up !